Month: July 2020

sumoudsh - 12 months ago at 28/Jul/2020
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Behind scenes, Elysee’s direct orders

28 July 2020 -  The Moroccan Press Week site reported two strange stories in less than 24 hours, the first stated that France had received a promise from Algeria to reduce “constructionof a numberof military bases on the border with Morocco,”the second was that French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to…

sumoudsh - 1 year ago at 24/Jul/2020
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Western Sahara issue: United Nations plans to send fact-finding missions to region, strengthen coordination with African Union

Sumoudsh-24 July 2020 -  The United Nations (UN) confirmed that there is almost unanimity within the international organization on the need to search for new mechanisms to understand the situation in Western Sahara and contribute to reaching an urgent solution that enables the Sahrawi people to exercise the right to…

sumoudsh - 1 year ago at 13/Jul/2020
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Namibian government: Morocco is misleading to conceal and deny internationally and legally recognized facts on Western Sahara issue

Sumoudsh-13 July 2020 -  The Republic of Namibia expressed on Friday its regret "for the inappropriate reaction and the negative tone of the letter of the Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Morocco addressed to the Security Council, which included an open attack against Namibia." In a letter to the…