Month: September 2021

sumoudsh - 1 year ago at 03/Sep/2021
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Inevitable Recognition of the Sahrawi Republic

31 AUGUST 2021 The Herald (Harare) By Deich Mohamed Saleh Correspondent The unprecedented decision by former United States president Donald Trump to recognise Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara on December 10, 2020 was met with widespread criticism as it contradicts international law. Although no position has been taken so far…

sumoudsh - 1 year ago at 02/Sep/2021
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Besides military operations, Sahrawi army seizes large quantity of cannabis coming from Morocco

In less than six months, the Sahrawi army has seized an estimated 6 tonnes of cannabis coming from Morocco, a Sahrawi military official confirmed. During a presentation to the Nigerien delegation that is visiting the Sahrawi Republic, Nafea Mohamed Mustafa, an official in the Sahrawi Ministry of Defense, highlighted some…

sumoudsh - 1 year ago at 02/Sep/2021
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Prime Minister praises strong support of Algeria, Nigeria and South Africa for Sahrawi cause

Sahrawi Prime Minister Bushraya Hamoudi Bayoun praised on Wednesday the strong support of Algeria, Nigeria and South Africa for the just Sahrawi cause, in a speech he delivered during his reception of a delegation of executives from the Nigerian National Institute of Policy and Strategic Studies (NIPSS), at the headquarters…

sumoudsh - 1 year ago at 01/Sep/2021
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Germany cannot recognize Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara (Expert)

The Moroccan regime wants Berlin to recognize Morocco's so-called sovereignty over Western Sahara, but this is not possible from a German point of view, German expert in Maghreb affairs, Isabelle Werenfels, said Tuesday. The German expert clarified in an interview with German Radio and Television that the divergent opinions on…