Sun 26/09/2021

31 British MPs sign resolution condemning human rights violations committed by Morocco in occupied Sahrawi territories

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Five deputies have  joined the list of signatories to a draft recommendation to be submitted to the British Parliament, condemning human rights violations committed by the Morocco in the occupied Sahrawi territories.

It concerns four Scottish National Party MPs and one Welsh MP who decided to endorse the recommendation which last July received the support of 26 MPs from various political parties represented in the British Parliament.

The draft recommendation, signed by 31 deputies from various political parties, expresses concern at the escalation of violence committed by the Moroccan occupation authorities in the occupied cities of Western Sahara.

The MPs urged the UK government to put pressure on the Moroccan occupation authorities to protect those who are working peacefully for justice for the Sahrawis and to ensure that they carry out their legitimate human rights activities without fear of reprisals and without any restrictions, including physical assault or judicial harassment.

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