Sumoud is a Sahrawi news website that approaches its readers on the Global Information Network, as a new course in a series of Sahrawi committed websites aimed at spreading the word about the just cause of the Sahrawi people and bringing its voice to the peoples of the world who love peace, security and stability.
The Sumoud website seeks to assert, with unequivocal evidence and overwhelming arguments, the fact that Western Sahara is a former Spanish colony occupied by Morocco in 1975, to refute the fallacies and misgivings of the Moroccan occupation, such as the unfounded claim that Western Sahara is Moroccan territory recovered by the so-called Green March, and that the conflict between it and the Polisario Front, the only legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people, was created by Algeria.
The Sumoud website will bring to light the extension of the Sahrawi people, the strength of its stretch, the solidity of its unity, and its rally around the Polisario Front, the pioneer of its struggle and the instrument of the embodiment of its legitimate aspirations for freedom and independence. It will also expose the conspiracies and intrigues of the Moroccan occupation to influence this unity and break its ties to achieve the endeavor of downsizing that extension and affecting the momentum of the open resistance in all locations, likely to peacefully and legitimately escalate.
The Sumoud website tries to monitor the stages of the development of the Sahrawi resistance through its various fronts and review the most important achievements and gains such as the national unity, the project of the Sahrawi state, and its young institutions. It will also examine the phases to highlight the pitfalls, lapses and risks that lie in wait for the national unity and threaten the institutional construction of the Sahrawi state.
As a news website that respects its readers, the Sumoud will convey the news from its sources objectively and in its most accurate details. Its principled commitment to the cause of the Sahrawi people, which it considers a just cause, will have no impact in this regard.
For opinion and the other opinion, they will have their own space and scope as well, and it will be open to constructive, committed and respectful views to the rules and ethics of dialogue.
We pray to God to guide us for good and righteousness..