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African Union: next PSC meeting could be a decisive starting point for Sahrawi cause

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Ambassador of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) to Ethiopia and SADR representative to the African Union (AU) Lamine Abaali that said he expected the next meeting of the Peace and Security Council (PSC), planned to be held next month, “a new decisive start in the process of settling the Sahrawi cause”.

“The 14th AU Extraordinary Summit, held last December, issued important and crucial decisions, concerning the Sahrawi cause. The AU and its mechanisms are required to ensure the implementation of these decisions, in particular those relating to the meetings of the PSC and the Troika mechanism to examine the Sahrawi cause,” Lamine Abaali told APS.

“We expect from the important meeting of the African PSC during the AU summit, scheduled for the 6th and 7th February, a new decisive starting point for the role of the AU in the settlement of the Saharawi cause” in accordance with international law.

The Sahrawi diplomat also said that the PSC can consider the ways for “ensuring the adequate conditions for a new cease-fire agreement between the SADR and the Moroccan kingdom, -in their capacity as members of the AU- and call on the UN Chief to appoint a special envoy to Western Sahara to organize a free and transparent referendum of self-determination in Western Sahara.

Moreover, the Sahrawi diplomat did not rule out the hypothesis that Morocco will create several obstacles and resort to its maneuvers “in a view to neutralizing the AU and preventing it from playing its role in the settlement of the Sahrawi crisis and monitoring the application of the latest decisions of the extraordinary African summit.”

“The protocol on the basis of which the AU Peace and Security Council (PSC) was created compels it to take responsibility for security and peace in

Africa, this is why the AU must fully assume its missions and work so that the Sahrawi people have their right to self-determination,” added Abaali.

Recalling that the AU was a continental organization of 55 States, he indicated that it was quite normal that its decisions be based on respect for the constitutive charter and the UN charter, in particular that the AU is a UN partner in the settlement plan signed in 1991 by the two parties to the Sahrawi conflict, with a view to organizing a self-determination referendum.

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