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After Burundi, Zambia withdraws its illegal consulate from occupied Western Sahara

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The Zambian government on Wednesday revealed in a letter in response to what was circulated about the decision to close its illegal consulate from the occupied territories of Western Sahara that, “Zambia has no longer any consulate in Western Sahara, after the closure of the so-called Consulate General,” APS reported on Thursday.

Zambia’s decision to open a “consulate” in the occupied city of Laayoune was a shock to the African continent due to its flagrant violation of international law, on the one hand, and the founding charter of the African Union, on the other hand, the African country that has long expressed its solidarity with the SADR and the struggle of the Sahrawi people for the right to self-determination and independence.

The decision of the Republic of Zambia comes after Burundi’s on January 23, to close its “consulate” in the occupied Sahrawi city of El-Aaiun, which was considered a setback for Moroccan diplomacy and its rhetoric on Western Sahara.

Burundi opened on February 28, the aforementioned consulate, in an action through which Morocco is trying to assert its alleged sovereignty over the occupied Sahrawi territories.

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