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Algerian Foreign Minister: Spain has historical responsibility in Western Sahara

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Minister of Foreign Affairs Sabri Boukadoum urged the Spanish government to be more involved in the settlement process of Western Sahara’s conflict, pointing out that Spain can’t flout its historical responsibility vis-à-vis Sahrawi people.

In an interview granted to the Spanish newspaper “Elpais,” published on Tuesday, Boukadoum said that “it isn’t easy to handle the situation on the ground in Western Sahara after the violation by Morocco of the ceasefire, pointing out that “Spain can’t continue hiding behind the United Nations.”

For him, Spain must intervene. “I know that is complicated, but we can’t leave things as they are for another 40 years,” he stressed.

Called to comment on the position of Spain on the Sahrawi issue and whether Madrid is sufficiently involved in this conflict, the minister replied “I don’t have lessons to teach. Spain can’t absolve itself from the historical responsibility (…) its position must be clearer,” he insisted.

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