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Algerian People’s National Assembly reaffirms support for fight of Sahrawi people for independence

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The speaker of the People’s National Assembly (lower house of Parliament), Slimane Chenine expressed Wednesday Algerian MPs’ support of the fight of Sahrawi people for independence, denouncing “Morocco’ irrational and immoral barter through normalization of relations with the Zionist entity.”

“Outgoing US President’s statement on Western Sahara will in no way alter the legal and historical nature of Western Sahara,” Chenine said at a parliamentary meeting devoted to the theme “For the Application of the Right of Western Sahara People to Self-Determination,” in the presence of the diplomatic corps accredited to Algeria and a number of national personalities and experts.

Committed to its “intransgressible, irreducible and inalienable legitimate rights,” the Saharawi people are determined to “pursue legitimate resistance, in all its forms, with the aim of defending its right to self-determination and the exercise of its sovereignty over its territory,” Chenine said at the meeting organized by the lower house’s Committee on Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and Emigration.

“The historical, humanitarian, legal and moral just nature of the Sahrawi cause and Western Sahara people’s commitment to its legitimate rights are all elements that explain the ongoing struggle of a peaceful, civilized and patient people for its emancipation and the recovery of its sovereignty”.

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