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Attempt to physically liquidate Sahrawi activist Sultana Khaya

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Sahrawi human rights activist Sultana Khaya was subjected on Sunday to an attempted physical liquidation by Moroccan security forces, who stormed her home and brutally assaulted her family members and other activists.

Under house arrest at her home in the occupied city of Boujdour, Sultana Khaya said in a statement to APS that special security forces “stormed her family’s home, assaulted all its members and tried to physically liquidate her, because of her relentless struggle for human rights in the occupied cities.

“The Moroccan security forces have clearly threatened me with death if I continue to express my political positions and to break the attempt of the occupying authorities to impose a blackout on the Sahrawi cause in the occupied cities”.

The assault, she added, resulted in the injury of her militant sister Ouara, her mother and members of her family, including Ouara’s son who was also tortured and left covered in blood after a serious injury. in the head.

The communication committee of the occupied city of Boujdour indicated that “the barbaric aggression against Khaya’s family continues and that the Moroccan repressive forces perpetrated a massacre in front of her home and attacked her members again”, adding that this aggression also affected the activist Fatima Al-Hafidhi and many supporters who came to support the family.

“Another horrific night for the Ahl Oueddi resistance family who woke up at dawn to a barbaric intervention by a special team of the occupation police who stormed the entire house, including the niece (4 years old) of human rights activist Sultana Khaya,” the committee said in its statement.

“The elements of this team horribly assaulted El Ouara Khaya, who suffered a serious eye injury in addition to the assault on her child,” the committee said, noting that this barbaric act did not spare the rest of the women in the family who were also brutalized and harassed.

Moroccan police have stepped up their acts of aggression against the house of Sultana Khaya, which has been unfairly under embargo for more than 278 days.

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