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Behind scenes, Elysee’s direct orders

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28 July 2020 –  The Moroccan Press Week site reported two strange stories in less than 24 hours, the first stated that France had received a promise from Algeria to reduce “constructionof a numberof military bases on the border with Morocco,”the second was that French President Emmanuel Macron wanted to change Morocco’s ambassador to the African Union, Mohammed Arrouchi,concurrently with the change of France’s ambassador there.”

The weirdness of the two stories,which the Moroccan newspaper close to the palace claimed quoting from a source it did not identify, was not in France’s arrangement of public affairs in Morocco, because it is obvious, the French colonization, as the Moroccans say, went out of the door and entered from Window, and kept managing the strategic files with itssecret agents.

But the odd thing is that the veil falls, and the shocking truth comes to light: Morocco is administered directly from the Elysee Palace, the French president decides, and the caretaker government in Morocco executes.

This was not the first time that direct orders were issued from the Elysee Palace, the French president, in a tweet last March, demanded from the Moroccan government to implement his decision of facilitating the return of French citizens to their country as soon as possible.

“I ask the Moroccan authorities to make sure that everything necessary is done as soon as possible,” said Emmanuel Macron’s tweet, which sparked widespread reactions inside and outside Morocco at the time.

He addressed the French citizens by saying: “To our stranded citizens in Morocco: New flights are being organized to allow you to return to France.”

The return of the Elysee Palace to directly manage the strategic files, may reflect France’s fear of the situation in Morocco getting out of control, the economic crisis is further complicated by the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on tourism and immigrants as sources of hard currency, worsening of debt, and the decline in agricultural revenues due to the lack of rainfalls.

In addition to the effects of quarantine on citizens, especially vulnerable groups, the costs of promoting the health system to face the effects and repercussions of the pandemic,and the king’s health condition, his unpredictable mood, and his repeated postponements of cabinet meetings, who is expected to take regular action on pending and emerging issues.

It seems that the dire situation of Morocco, which warns of an imminent explosion, has been a major preoccupation for France, which is interested in empowering the monarchy in Morocco and its Makhzen, more than the latter’s preoccupation with itself.


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