Sun 26/09/2021

Besides military operations, Sahrawi army seizes large quantity of cannabis coming from Morocco

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In less than six months, the Sahrawi army has seized an estimated 6 tonnes of cannabis coming from Morocco, a Sahrawi military official confirmed.

During a presentation to the Nigerien delegation that is visiting the Sahrawi Republic, Nafea Mohamed Mustafa, an official in the Sahrawi Ministry of Defense, highlighted some of the activities of the Sahrawi army, revealing that 1,372 military actions have been carried out since confronting the Moroccan aggression in the illegal Guerguerat breach.

These military actions, the same Sahrawi military official added, included the various points of presence of the Moroccan occupation forces in Western Sahara, at a rate of 20 military operations per day, which included all sectors, including Al-Mahbas Al-Farsiah, Smara Hawza, Qilta, Um Idrika, Bir Kunduz, Al-Bakari and others.

These military actions have incurred “heavy human and material losses in the ranks of the Moroccan occupation forces,” the same official added.

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