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Blinken’s statements: different position from former administration

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The representative of the Polisario Front at the United Nations, Mohamed Sidi Omar, affirmed Wednesday that the latest statement of the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, on the conflict in Western Sahara confirms the attachment of the United States of America to its position in favor of the UN settlement of the conflict, and sends a clear message that its position on the issue is different from that of the previous administration.

The member of the Polisario Front’s National Secretariat, also coordinator with MINURSO, told APS that Blinken’s latest statement confirms one of the positions that the US administration has constantly expressed in favour of the efforts undertaken by the United Nations to put an end to the conflict in Western Sahara, and thus support the mission of the new personal envoy of the UN SG in Western Sahara, Staffan de Mistura.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price issued a press release following a meeting between the US Secretary of State and his Moroccan counterpart in Washington, in which he said that Blinken expressed to the Moroccan minister the Biden administration’s strong support for the UN SG’s new personal envoy in leading the UN-sponsored political process.

The statement of the Blinken administration demonstrates, according to the Saharawi diplomat, that “the new American administration has a position diametrically opposed, in form and in substance, to that of the previous one”.

It carries a clear message, he says, that “the administration of former President Trump acted in one way, and the new administration intends to act differently.”

Ned Price’s statement was clear and precise regarding the US position on the Sahrawi issue, a statement in favour of the UN-led political process, which continues to negotiate with the parties to the conflict in order to achieve stability and put an end to hostilities.

Responding to the press in Washington, Mr. Price noted that “Mr. Blinken had the opportunity to expressly reaffirm this position during his last visit to Senegal, where he stated that “we support the efforts of the new Personal Envoy for Western Sahara, Staffan de Mistura, to revive the UN-led political process”.

The ultimate goal of this process is to achieve a lasting solution to the conflict in Western Sahara, Price said, affirming that Washington will actively support the Personal Envoy’s efforts to promote peace and ensure a prosperous future for the people of Western Sahara and the entire region.

In addition, Mr Price reiterated that Washington was working with all parties and consulting with the parties to the conflict, with the aim of supporting diplomatic efforts and the UN-sponsored political process to bring about stability and an end to hostilities.

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