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British government takes into account UN legal opinion, ECJ resolutions regarding Western Sahara natural resources

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British Minister for the Middle East and North Africa, James Cleverly, confirmed Friday that his country takes into account the legal opinion issued by the United Nations in 2002, which stipulated that the Sahrawi people agree to any exploitation of their natural resources.

In a written response to the questions addressed to him by the minister in charge of digitization, culture, media and sports of the British shadow government, Alex Sobel, regarding the British government’s position on the exploitation of the natural resources of Western Sahara without the consent of the Sahrawi people, the minister clarified that the United Kingdom approves the resolutions issued by the European Court of Justice on Sahara Western.

The British minister confirmed last January that Western Sahara is not within the regional scope of the partnership agreement between the United Kingdom and Morocco, as is evident from the article on the regional application of the agreement.

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