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British Parliament: Draft resolution condemns Trump’s decision, calls on UK government to intensify efforts to organize referendum in Western Sahara

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A draft resolution, which will be presented in the coming days to the British Parliament for approval, has called on the United Kingdom government, as a member of the Western Sahara Friends Group, for redoubling efforts within the UN Security Council to organize  the self-determination referendum in Western Sahara.

The draft resolution – a copy of which was obtained by the Sumoud website – expresses the support of the British House of Commons for the right of the people of Western Sahara to self-determination, and declares its solidarity with the Sahrawis in Western Sahara, refugee camps and diaspora.

The draft resolution condemns the unilateral action taken by the Trump administration to support Morocco’s illegal claim to occupy Western Sahara.

The draft resolution calls on the Government of the United Kingdom to abide by international law and to reject the dangerous and illegal action taken by President Trump with regard to Western Sahara.

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