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Bundestag: Left group asks 34 questions to German government on serious implications of violating international law in Western Sahara

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The left group of the German Parliament (Bundestag) on Friday sent 34 questions to the German Government regarding the situation in occupied Western Sahara.

The group’s 69 deputies demanded clarification from the federal government on its position on attempts to impose a fait accompli in Western Sahara and Berlin’s role in advocating for the application of international law in the region.

With regard to the legal status of Western Sahara, the left group affirmed that the Moroccan occupation had been trying for a long time to impose a fait accompli policy, such as promoting the opening of diplomatic consulates in the occupied Sahrawi territories and intensifying settlement operations in the Sahrawi cities.

The questions stressed that those attempts, the latest of which was Trump’s announcement, seriously affected the legal status recognized by the international law of the Western Sahara region, which is on the UN decolonization agenda.

Regarding the natural resources of Western Sahara, the left group called for EU sanctions against companies and financial groups involved in plundering the wealth of the Sahrawi people.

The left group drew the German government’s attention to the seriousness of the situation in Guerguerat, as the Moroccan authorities continued to exploit it in violation of international law and UN resolutions related to the Western Sahara issue.

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