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sumoudsh - 2 months ago at 26/Feb/2021
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Western Sahara, Africas Last Colony, to Resume Liberation Struggle on Hold Since 1991

Opinion by Ambassador Sidi Omar (new york) Thursday, February 25, 2021 Inter Press Service Ambassador Sidi Omar is Frente POLISARIO Representative at the United Nations NEW YORK, Feb 25 (IPS) - The question of Western Sahara, known as Africa’s last colony, has recently gained great visibility in international media interestingly…

sumoudsh - 2 months ago at 20/Feb/2021
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Kerry Kennedy: ‘Biden must undo Trump’s damaging decision on Western Sahara’

Kerry Kennedy 19 Feb 2021 In August 2012, my daughter Mariah and I took part in an international human rights delegation trip to Western Sahara, where we met with hundreds and hundreds of victims of abuse. People there told us they had been threatened, beaten, raped, tortured and had family…

sumoudsh - 2 months ago at 18/Feb/2021
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Front Line Defenders: Ongoing harassment and intimidation against Sahrawi human rights defenders

17 February 2021 Front Line Defenders strongly condemns the increasing harassment by the Moroccan authorities against Sahrawi human rights defenders living in Western Sahara over the last few months which include physical surveillance on prominent human rights defenders, the use excessive force to disperse peaceful protests, the mistreatment of imprisoned…

sumoudsh - 2 months ago at 11/Feb/2021
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German company Continental has left occupied Western Sahara

The German company Continental has not renewed its supply contract with the Moroccan national phosphate company that exploits the controversial Western Sahara phosphate mine. The contract between Continental's subsidiary ContiTech and OCP, Morocco's state-owned phosphate company that illegally exploits the phosphate reserves of Bou Craa in occupied Western Sahara, has…

sumoudsh - 3 months ago at 08/Jan/2021
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2021 marks another year in the long lasting Sahrawi Refugee Crisis, one of the most protracted humanitarian crises globally

January 2021 The end of the year saw new displacement due to incidents in breach of the 1991 ceasefire agreement, raising renewed concerns regarding the prospects for a solution to the crisis. A long-term solution to end the 45-year-old Western Sahara conflict must be found. The Sahrawi refugee crisis is…

sumoudsh - 4 months ago at 07/Jan/2021
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Reverse Trump’s Western Sahara Giveaway

The Sahrawi people should not be treated as objects for barter. December 31, 2020 Doug Bandow Is Mike Pompeo the worst secretary of state in U.S. history? It’s possible, though he has lots of competition. Unfortunately, he appears to be determined to continue his malign activities until his very last…

sumoudsh - 4 months ago at 01/Jan/2021
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New U.S. Policy, Same Human Rights Expectations: Companies Sourcing from the Western Sahara Are Still Obligated to Respect International Law

On December 10, 2020, President Trump formally announced that the Government of Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco will normalize their bilateral relationship, marking the fourth Arab country that recognizes Israel as a result of the Abraham Accords. Over the coming months, the new agreement will allow the two countries…

sumoudsh - 4 months ago at 30/Dec/2020
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War Resumes in Occupied Western Sahara: An Interview With Polisario’s Representative Kamal Fadel

30/12/2020 BY PAUL GREGOIRE Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) president and Polisario Front leader Brahim Ghali ended the 1991 ceasefire agreement between his Sahrawi independence forces and the Moroccan army, which has occupied most of Western Sahara since 1975. Ghali brought the 29-year-long truce to an end on 13 November,…

sumoudsh - 4 months ago at 23/Dec/2020
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Ardern urged to play a positive role in the decolonisation of Western Sahara

Wednesday, 23 December As New Zealanders prepare for Christmas and enjoy food grown using fertilisers from Western Sahara, we hope they spare a thought for the Sahara people who continue to face serious challenges in occupied areas and refugee camps. On December 10, President Trump announced that the United States…

sumoudsh - 4 months ago at 22/Dec/2020
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Abraham Accord stabs Western Sahara and International Law in the back

Western Sahara and the Trump Administration: The Abraham Accord is a Stabbing in the Back of the Self -Determination Right and the International Legality! By: Mohamed Brahim, Western Sahara Activist. American president Donald Trump announced on Twitter last Thursday (December 10th) that he had signed a proclamation recognizing the sovereignty…