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Confidential UN document: Morocco is afraid of negotiations, it wants UNSC to impose autonomy proposal on Polisario Front

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A confidential document exposed an intense conflict that was taking place in the corridors of the United Nations with aim of imposing the so-called the autonomy proposal on the Polisario Front.

The document, dated May 30, 2012, reveals how Morocco was threatening the General Secretariat and the Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy, Christopher Ross, to push them to present the autonomy proposal as a realistic solution in the reports submitted by the UN Secretary-General to the UN Security Council.

Morocco was deeply disturbed by the negotiations and their expected outcome, the document said, as Saad-Eddin Al-Othmani presented King Mohammed VI with a negative report on negotiations with the Polisario Front, which encouraged Morocco to create problems with the Secretariat and the Personal Envoy.

The document stressed that Morocco’s action and threat to withdraw confidence from Christopher Ross was extreme and unclear and reflected Morocco’s annoyance that the support of some Security Council members for the “autonomy” proposal had not translated into concrete action to make the Polisario Front and Algeria to accept it.

The document highlighted that the Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy, Christopher Ross, had during that battle the strong support of the Secretary-General, the United States, Algeria and the Polisario Front.

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