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Decolonization Committee has historical and legal duty to maintain Saharawi people’s faith in UN

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Algerian Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Sofiane Mimouni, considered that the Decolonization Committee has a historical and legal duty to maintain Saharawi people’s faith in the UN peace process in western Sahara.

In his statement before the Regional Seminar of the Special Committee on Decolonization, the Algerian Ambassador considered that “it is the historical, political, and legal duty of this committee to ensure that their (Saharawi) faith in the international legality and the United Nations peace process is not lost.”

He further estimated that “the people of Western Sahara were and are still open to collaboration with the United Nations, to ensure the completion of the decolonization of their land through the holding of a free and credible referendum under the auspices of the United Nations.”

He regretted however the lack of progress in the work of the Committee in the remaining 17 non-self-governing territories on the UN Decolonisation list since the sixties considering that this task is more than overdue.

It is “worrisome, he said, that after three decades dedicated to eradicate colonialism, we have only succeeded in de-listing one non-self-governing territories that is Timor Leste in 2002.”

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