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Depletion of phosphorous may speed up solution of Western Sahara issue

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Soil erosion is the main cause of the increasing depletion of phosphorus from earth, which could lead to a global food crisis, a study by an international team has revealed.

The recent discovery of large deposits of phosphorus in Western Sahara could make it one of the most important regions, with phosphorus contributing 95 percent to the world’s food products, the study said.

Major countries, such as China, Russia and the United States, are increasingly expanding their influence in regions that contain phosphorus, added the study.

The developments in the exploration field will strengthen the Sahrawi Republic’s position in any future negotiations on the exploitation of Western Sahara’s natural resources, especially after the achievement of the legal battle at international courts.

It is worth mentioning that Western Sahara contains 15 percent of the world’s reserves of this mineral, about 10 billion tones or even more, in addition to other mines that have not been exploited in many Sahrawi areas. (Sumoud)

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