Tue 21/09/2021

EP reaffirms EU position on Western Sahara based on full respect for international law

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The European Parliament adopted Thursday a resolution in which it reaffirms the position of the European Union on the Sahrawi issue which should be settled, it stresses, in “compliance with international law” and “the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council”.

The European Parliament “reaffirms the consolidated position of the (European) Union on Western Sahara, based on full respect for international law, United Nations Security Council resolutions and the political process led by the United Nations to achieve a just, lasting, peaceful and mutually acceptable negotiated solution”, states the text of the resolution adopted following the migration crisis between Morocco, which occupies a large part of the Sahrawi territory, and Spain.

The European Parliament considers that “the crisis was triggered by Morocco because of a political and diplomatic crisis after the leader of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, was admitted to a Spanish hospital on humanitarian grounds”.

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