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EU calls for breaking media blackout on Western Sahara issue, warns of serious repercussions of political stalemate

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The European Commission stressed the importance of breaking the media blackout imposed on the issue of Western Sahara, and that donors assume their responsibility towards Sahrawi refugees.

A new report issued by the European Union’s Crisis and Humanitarian Affairs Department in early February – a copy of which obtained by Sumoud – warned of the serious repercussions of the media blackout, the decline in humanitarian aid, and the stalemate that has been taking place in the Western Sahara issue for years.

The report recorded the growing frustration among Sahrawi youth, particularly with the continued stalemate over resolving the Western Sahara issue, and economic difficulties and lack of job opportunities.

After confirming that the volume of European aid to the Sahrawi refugees during 2020 reached 09 million euros, the European Commission renewed its intention to continue supporting the Sahrawi people.

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