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EU institutions on alert after acceptance by European Court of new action filed by Polisario Front

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The European Union will hold a meeting on Wednesday to discuss the action brought on 23 June 2020 by the Polisario Front against the Council of the European Union’ Decision 2020/462 of 20 February 2020 establishing the position to be adopted on behalf of the European Union concerning the exchange of information for the purpose of evaluating the impact of the Agreement in the form of an Exchange of Letters, the Sumoud Website has learned from an informed source following up on the legal battle case.

According to the same source, the legal department of the European Commission will present during the meeting a paper on the Polisario Front’s appeal and the expected implications of a new ruling by the European Court.

The action that was adopted in August confirmed the lack of competence on the part of the Council to adopt the contested decision, in so far as the European Union and the Kingdom of Morocco do not have the competence to conclude an international agreement applicable to Western Sahara instead of the Sahrawi people, represented by the Polisario Front.

The new case is considered the fourth of its kind on the agenda of the European Court, as the Polisario Front had previously filed in 2019 three other cases related to economic agreements signed between the European Union and Morocco that violated international law.

It is believed within the corridors of the European Union that it is difficult to achieve any penetration in the file due to the strong legal arguments contained in the cases, as well as their reliance on successive decisions issued by the European Court.

The Polisario Front expressed optimism about the pending legal battle, especially since the appeals are based on the principles achieved through the rulings issued in 2016 and 2018, which are strong and solid ones. (Sumoud)

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