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EU-Morocco agreements extended to Western Sahara: EU Court to deliver verdict on 29 September

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The European Union Court will rule on 29 September at 11:00 am on the legality of the new EU-Moroccan agreements, extended to occupied Western Sahara, the Polisario Front representation in Brussels announced Tuesday.

In December 2016, in a ruling of major importance, the Court of Justice of the Union ruled that the EU-Morocco Association Agreement did not apply to Western Sahara because the Sahrawi territory has a separate and distinct status from that of the Kingdom of Morocco, recalled the Polisario Front in a statement.

Furthermore, the Sahrawi people had not given its consent to the application of this agreement to its national territory.

“Through a series of three rulings in 2018 and 2019, the European Court then generalised this solution to all EU-Moroccan agreements, excluding Western Sahara from the scope of the EU-Moroccan fisheries agreement and aviation agreement. This was the end of the de facto application”, the Sahrawi side further recalled, however, “turning away from the sound path opened by the Court, the European Commission, under the influence of France, negotiated two new agreements with the Kingdom of Morocco – an agricultural agreement and a fisheries agreement – explicitly including the Moroccan-occupied parts of Western Sahara, putting forward alleged consultations with the Moroccan occupier and settlers”, it denounced.

In reaction, “the Polisario Front brought two actions for annulment against the decisions of the EU Council to approve these illegal agreements, concluded in violation of the right to self-determination, while only the consent of the Saharawi people counts “, the representation specified.

On 2 and 3 March 2021, the Court of the European Union held two days of hearings, with extensive discussions on all aspects of the case.

On September 29, at 11 am, the Court of the European Union will therefore deliver two rulings, on the legality of the agricultural agreement and that of the fisheries agreement.

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