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EU parliamentary group calls for “immediate” and “decisive” action against Morocco due to worsening human rights violations in occupied Western Sahara

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The European Parliament’s Western Sahara Group has called on the European Union to take immediate and decisive action against Morocco to end its repression of human rights activists in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

In an official statement, the group affirmed that “in light of the alarming situation with the continuing violations of human rights in Western Sahara, we call on the European Union, in particular the High Representative (of the European Commission) and Vice President Josep Borrell, to take immediate and decisive measures against Morocco, in order to put an end to its repression practiced against human rights activists ”in the occupied Sahrawi territories, urging the European Union “to support the legitimate demand of the Sahrawis related to respect for their basic freedoms ”.

The group also called on the International Committee of the Red Cross to dispatch a humanitarian mission to Western Sahara to provide assistance to civilians and to ensure respect for international law related to humanitarian aid.

The group condemned the deterioration of the situation of human rights defenders and other militants in the occupied Sahrawi territories, “facing an ever-increasing repression since the end of the ceasefire” last November following Morocco’s attack on Sahrawi civilians in Guerguerat.

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