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EUCOCO: UN, Morocco’s allies must end war in Western Sahara

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Participants in the 45th Conference of Support and Solidarity with the Sahrawi People (Eucoco) called, Saturday, the UN and the powers allied with Morocco to act to end the colonial war imposed by the Moroccan regime on the Sahrawi people.

“The international solidarity movement with the Sahrawi people and Eucoco call on the UN and the allied powers of Morocco (United States, France, Spain) to comply with the UN resolutions and international law to end the colonial war waged by Morocco in Western Sahara,” said in an official statement the participants in the conference held Friday and Saturday in Las Palmas (Gran Canaria, Spain).

They also expressed their support “for the inalienable right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination and the recognition of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic”.

The signatories of the declaration also welcomed the verdict pronounced on 29 September by the European Union Tribunal which annulled the agricultural and fisheries agreements concluded between the European Union and Morocco and extended to the Sahrawi territory.

The declaration of the 45th Conference of the EU-CSO condemned the breaking, in 2020, by Morocco of the cease-fire in force since 1991 in the Sahrawi territories. It considers, in this context, that the UN “has failed in all its obligations to avoid” the new war situation between the Polisario Front and the Moroccan regime and particularly criticized the attitude of the UN Security Council regarding the situation in the occupied territories.

“By ignoring the systematic, widespread and serious violations of international humanitarian law and human rights committed by the occupying power and by blocking any visit by any independent and credible mechanism, the UN Security Council does not contribute to the maintenance of peace and security in the Maghreb and to the development of friendly relations between nations,” the source added.

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