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European Commission expresses satisfaction with smooth conduct of European aid to Sahrawi refugees

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Sumoud, 13 August 2020 – In an explicit response to the campaign led by some parties within the European Parliament, the European Commission has confirmed that the aid provided to Sahrawi refugees had been carried out in good conditions.

In a report to the European Parliament on humanitarian aid funded by the European Union issued last Monday, a copy of which obtained by the Sumoud website, the European Commission highlighted that aid to the Sahrawi people was important and had achieved encouraging results in terms of providing food and tackling malnutrition.

The report confirmed that the humanitarian aid provided by the European Union, which amounted to 09 million euros in 2019, had contributed to providing food, tackling the increasing malnutrition among children and women in the Sahrawi refugee camps, and providing safe drinking water.

The report also indicated that the European financial contribution provided 80 percent of the basic medicines and supported programs aimed at people with special needs, as well as rehabilitating the infrastructure of a number of social facilities.

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