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FA Ministry condemns Moroccan slander agains Saharawi legitimate struggle and national leadership

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Saharawi Foreign Affairs Ministry condemned Moroccan use of affronts and slander against the Saharawi legitimate struggle and national leadership even during purely humanitarian cases, such as the sickness of Saharawi President, Mr. Brahim Ghali, who is under medical care abroad.

The Saharawi Ministry considered the Moroccan use of blackmail, slander and fallacies is a constant factor in the Moroccan policies towards all it neighbours and worldwide.

Following is the complete text of the Press Release issued by the Ministry:

“Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic

Ministry of External Relations

Press Release

The Moroccan regime of occupation does not miss an opportunity to take revenge and offend the just struggle of the Sahrawi people and their national leaders, even during purely humanitarian matters such as the circumstances surrounding the illness of the Sahrawi President, Mr. Brahim Ghali, and his medical treatment abroad.

In this context, the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued Today a statement that conforms to the proverb that says: “What’s bred in the bone will come out in the flesh”, including, as usual, falsehoods and baseless fallacies, that only exist in the imagination of the Moroccan monarchy, which is haunted by the dreams of expansion and tendency to aggression. A regime that associates its legitimacy and continuity with its ability to export its crises to others, harm neighbours and destabilize them, within the framework of its firm belief in the illusion of the “Great Maghreb,” adopted in the latest Moroccan constitution in Article 42, including what it calls “the original borders of the Kingdom.”

The Saharawi Ministry of Foreign Affairs seizes the opportunity to confirm the following facts:

  1. Fallacy, reviling and resorting to the use of humanitarian issues in blackmailing adopted by Rabat as a constant political approach in dealing with neighbours and with the whole world, reflects the severe lack by the Moroccan occupying state of the least argument to continue its military occupation of parts of the SADR, a deed that is rejected and condemned by all international laws. Moreover, its intransigent and irresponsible position towards the efforts of the international community to decolonize the region undermined the UN-African settlement plan on November 13, 2020, and consequently pushed the region into the calamities of war again, which is probably heading towards greater escalation if the UN Security Council does not assume its full responsibility in this regard.
  2. Resorting to transforming Moroccan intelligence offices abroad into “non-governmental organizations” to distort the just struggle of the Sahrawi people, whose nobility is recognised by the whole international community and history, is a “trick” that fools no one, mainly governments and peoples of the host countries. Those “intelligence services’ NGOs”, which appear only on request when they are asked to “fish in troubled waters”, have failed and will always fail in their endeavour and that of the Royal Palace’s to influence the solidarity and popular and political sympathy with the Sahrawi people and their sole and legitimate representative, the Frente Polisario, for one main reason that is, the reliance of those “intelligence services’ NGOs” on falsification, lies and fabrications that do not stand up to the first test of truth.
  3. In its official statement, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry speaks about “crimes against humanity” and “human rights violations.” Indeed, “if you do not feel ashamed, then say whatever you like.”

The Moroccan occupying regime, which has oppression, murder, extermination, injustice, ignorance and impoverishment in its DNA since its establishment to the present day, impudently speaks about such issues referring to the Frente Polisario and the Sahrawi people, who have been suffering for more than 45 years of an occupation that constitutes the biggest manifestation of all human rights violations and crimes against humanity.

Those crimes that continue to this day and are documented by major international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Robert Kennedy Centre for Human Rights, Front Line, the International Federation for Human Rights, the African Organization for Human and Peoples’ Rights and others, in addition to hundreds of reports issued by neutral international human rights and eminent academic institutions, and not by shadowy intelligence laboratories and basements.

Let us just mention, for example, the judicial ruling (2015/1) issued on April 9, 2015 by the judge of the Spanish National Court, Pablo Roth, in which he sued eleven high-ranking Moroccan army and police’s officials for committing genocide in Western Sahara between 1975 and 1992, in some cases in addition to their perpetration of crimes such as illegal detention, torture, murder, and forced disappearance.

Such judicial rulings and international reports have led to perpetuating the impression prevailing in the international humanitarian and academic circles that the Moroccan occupying regime embodies the clearest example of a Rogue State due to its continuing systematic violation of Moroccan people’s human rights, and politically due to its continuing illegal occupation of parts of the SADR and its daily crimes committed against Sahrawi civilians under occupation.

  1. The international community, and the European Union on top, is called upon within the framework of the neighbourhood policies and principles framing the bilateral partnership agreements related to them, to put an end to the continued impunity of the Moroccan regime and hold it accountable for the crimes it commits daily against the defenceless Sahrawi people under occupation, and also put an end to Moroccan systematic efforts to damage the stability of all neighbouring countries by flooding them with drugs, strengthening the alliance between drug trafficking and terrorism in the region, and using the issue of illegal immigration and security cooperation as weapons for blackmailing and bargaining.

The Moroccan occupying regime should understand that peace is linked to justice, which will only be achieved by granting the Sahrawi people their inalienable rights to self-determination and independence.

Surrender to the whims and blackmail of the Moroccan regime is not an option, it rather feeds its delinquency for rebellion and arrogance and plunges the entire region into an unpleasant situation.”

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