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Foreign Ministry spokesperson: Germany will not change its position on the Western Sahara issue

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The German Foreign Ministry described the decision of the Kingdom of Morocco to summon its ambassador in Berlin for consultations as “regrettable” and “unusual,” which from the German Foreign Ministry’s viewpoint remains “an inappropriate measure to settle a diplomatic crisis,” according to a foreign ministry spokesperson in Berlin.

The spokesperson added in a statement to the media on Friday that the German federal government asked the Moroccan side for clarifications on the reason for this measure. She also said that “the accusations and the nature of the words” contained in the Moroccan Foreign Ministry’s statement” were “unfounded.”

The spokesperson added that recent developments were “regrettable because the federal Government has tried so much to create constructive dialogue.”

In its statement, the Moroccan Foreign Ministry identified three reasons for the last measure, the first of which is Germany’s position on the Western Sahara conflict, the second concerns the file of a former Moroccan-German detainee, and the third concerns the regional role of Morocco.

On the issue of Western Sahara, the spokesperson said that the German government’s position would remain the same, but she did not refer to the remaining points of contention.

Berlin believes that the status of Western Sahara has not been decided, which must be done through a negotiating process, as the German Foreign Ministry previously made clear, while Morocco is pressing for international recognition of its sovereignty over the territory.

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