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France’s negative role in Sahrawi issue complicates UN task (Polisario Front Representative in France)

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The representative of the Polisario Front in France, Mr. Mohamed Sidati, said that France’s “negative” role in the conflict in Western Sahara complicates the implementation of the UN settlement plan, calling on the French government to show “neutrality”, according to a statement by the Study Group on Western Sahara.

Speaking at a meeting on the latest developments following the Moroccan aggression in El-Guerguerat, organized by the Group on Wednesday, Mohamed Sidati declared that “if it were not for France’s negative role in the conflict in Western Sahara, the question would have been settled, justly and peacefully, a long time ago “.

“France has the means to convince Morocco to return the path of international legality and to respect the inalienable right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination”, he added, recalling that the conflict in Western Sahara remains a question of decolonization and therefore eligible for the application of UN resolution 1514.

Mr. Sidati also indicated that “the deafening silence of international bodies in the face of Morocco’s actions has allowed it to continue, with impunity, to distort UN decisions, divert the UN process and empty it of its substance”.

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