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Germany cannot recognize Morocco’s alleged sovereignty over Western Sahara (Expert)

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The Moroccan regime wants Berlin to recognize Morocco’s so-called sovereignty over Western Sahara, but this is not possible from a German point of view, German expert in Maghreb affairs, Isabelle Werenfels, said Tuesday.

The German expert clarified in an interview with German Radio and Television that the divergent opinions on the status of Western Sahara are an important factor in the current tensions, as Morocco has faced difficulties with many countries, including Spain. Like Germany, Spain does not recognize the Moroccan claim to recognize its sovereignty over Western Sahara.

The German expert added that Morocco is not yet ready to solve the crisis, and it is clear that there are attempts to let tensions escalate again and portray Germany as a European country that seeks to slow down the pace of Moroccan development.

It should be recalled that the German expert in Maghreb affairs, Isabelle Werrenfels, was subjected to intense criticism by the Moroccan media, to the extent that she was accused of working for an anti-Moroccan agenda.

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