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Guterres acknowledges outbreak of war in Western Sahara, confirms work of MINURSO faces challenges in areas adjacent to Moroccan wall

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UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday acknowledged the outbreak of war in Western Sahara after Morocco violated the ceasefire in November 2020.

In an official report submitted to approve the budget of the MINURSO mission for the period from July 2021 to July 2022 – the text of which was read by Sumoud – the UN Secretary-General recorded military confrontations between the Sahrawi and Moroccan armies.

The Secretary-General stressed that the MINURSO mission is now facing great challenges following the resumption of the war and related security and safety concerns in large parts of the territory near the berm.

Guterres confirmed that MINURSO will continue its monitoring activities and work with the parties – Morocco and the Polisario Front – to promote a cessation of hostilities and reduce tensions, provide continued support to the Secretary-General’s personal envoy in the performance of his duties upon his appointment, including his support during his visits to the region; facilitate UNHCR’s work on implementing the confidence-building measures programme upon the resumption of the programme; and provide logistical support to the African Union observer delegation in El Aaiun upon its return.

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