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High level Mauritanian Sahrawi coordination at all levels

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Sahrawi Minister, Counselor to the Presidency, Bashir Mustafa Sayed, confirmed the existence of high-level Mauritanian Sahrawi coordination at all levels since the outbreak of the war in Western Sahara in November 2020.

In an interview with the independent Mauritanian News Agency published on Sunday, the Sahrawi official highlighted that Mauritania is following up and President Mohamed Ould Sheikh Al-Ghazwani is aware of all the details and circumstances, and coordination between the Mauritanians and Sahrawis exists at all levels.

The minister said that the Sahrawi Republic is completely satisfied and reassured of the Mauritanian role, stressing that he came out of the warm and kind interview that he had with President Mohamed Ould Al-Ghazwani with “confidence and reassurance.”

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