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International efforts to prevent war and its potential effects on Morocco

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The international community seems to be taking seriously the Polisario’s tough stance on responding to any recklessness Morocco might take in Western Sahara.

Diplomatic contacts at the highest levels have therefore intensified in recent days, with UN Secretary-General António Guterres leading intensive contacts with actors and the two parties to the conflict to avoid an imminent war in Western Sahara.

The efforts undertaken by France and the United States revealed fears of the development of events and the impact of the outbreak of war on the Kingdom of Morocco, which is living in deteriorating political, economic and social conditions.

The Mauritanian Foreign Minister on Wednesday warned in a telephone conversation with the UN secretary general of the dangerous developments in Western Sahara, calling on him to intervene to avoid the deterioration of the situation in the Guerguerat region.

During these efforts, the position of the Polisario Front was confirmed, which considers that the main reason for the increasing tension in the Guerguerat region is the existence of the illegal breach resulting from the unilateral and continuous change of the status quo carried out by the Moroccan occupation state in that region. Therefore, it officially demanded its closure without further delay, as it endangers not only the situation in the buffer strip but also the ceasefire itself.

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