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MEP calls on European Commission to coordinate with Polisario front to recognize situation in occupied Sahrawi territories

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Member of the European Union from the United Left, Sandra Pereira, on Monday called on the European Commission to take appropriate steps to respond to serious human rights violations in the occupied Sahrawi territories.

The MEP highlighted in questions to the European Commission that the situation in Western Sahara was dangerous and deteriorating and required bilateral coordination between the European Union and the Polisario front to understand and take appropriate action on the situation in the occupied Sahrawi territories.

The MEP confirmed that the siege, harassment, abduction, physical violence and sexual assault had become one of the methods of intimidation used repeatedly by the Moroccan occupation forces to suppress Sahrawi civilians in the occupied territories.

The MEP clarified that Human rights activists in Western Sahara were in real danger because of their peaceful activism and their defence of the rights of the Sahrawi people.

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