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Mexico and Vietnam call for application of international law in Western Sahara

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Mexico expressed on Friday its deep regret that the members of the UN Security Council were unable to participate in the drafting of the resolution on Western Sahara that the UN Security Council voted on.

During the UN Security Council session, Mexico reiterated its support for the peace process led by the United Nations in Western Sahara in order to reach a solution that enables the Sahrawi people to exercise its right to self-determination in accordance with international law.

Mexico expressed its concern about the continuing violations of human rights in the occupied Sahrawi territories.

For its part, the Republic of Vietnam expressed its concern at the adoption of resolution 2602, calling it unbalanced and not reflecting the reality on the ground in Western Sahara.

During the meeting of the Security Council, the representative of Vietnam reiterated his country’s firm position in support of the resolution and settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara in accordance with international law.

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