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Military advisor at SADR Presidency: Morocco hides its war losses, prevents its soldiers from contacting their families for fear of revealing truth

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Since morocco’s blatant attack on Guerguerat on November 13th, the war has been ongoing and targeting all Moroccan positions along the wall, said Mahjoub Brahim, military adviser to the Sahrawi presidency, noting that strikes of the Sahrawi fighters have continued daily.

In a statement to Algerian Radio today, Monday, Mr. Mahjoub indicated that the Moroccan regime is trying to conceal this war, which has plunged itself, the Sahrawi people and the peoples of the region into it, adding that it is afraid of local Moroccan opinion and economic changes in the first place, pointing out that it had sustained great losses on the battlefront, especially at the level of the fixed positions of its forces along the wall.

The Official of the Sahrawi Presidency added that the Moroccan regime has forbidden its soldiers to use mobile phones and contact their families so that its losses are not revealed and its official propaganda is denied.

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