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Military communiqué No. 09: Sahrawi army carries on intense strikes on entrenchments of Moroccan occupation forces behind Wall of Shame

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The fighters of the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) launched attacks against the Moroccan occupation forces entrenched behind their military defensive wall of humiliation and shame, causing human and material losses.

According to military communiqué No. 09 of the Ministry of National Defense, on Friday, SPLA units shelled the Moroccan enemy’s defensive positions in the Amgala sector.

On Saturday, SPLA units carried out intense attacks against the Moroccan enemy’s bases in the sector of Amgala, the area of Aghzalat-Lakhsheibi in the sector of Smara, the area of Fadrat-Bruk in the sector of Hawza, and the area of Fadrat-Lamras in the sector of Hawza.

The APLS has continued its intensive attacks against the positions of the Moroccan occupying forces since last Friday, after the latter violated the cease-fire agreement by attacking defenseless Sahrawi civilians, who were demonstrating peacefully in front of the illegal El-Guerguerat breach.

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