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Minister of Finance of South Africa calls for intervention in Western Sahara

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Minister of Finance of South Africa, H.E. Mr.Tito Mboweni, in a series of tweets, has called for intervention in Western Sahara, suggesting that other African states and political parties need to band together to resolve the matter.

Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni took to Twitter on Sunday, 11 October 2020, to share a series of tweets on the Western Sahara conflict. The first post was to call for intervention on the matter, which he described as the colonization of one African state by another.

In appealing to his “blood brothers and sisters” to calm the political unrest in Western Sahara, Mboweni stated, “Polisario Front, East Timor: Fretelin, Nicaragua… We need to conclude the Western Sahara issue. Our comrades! This dithering thing is unhelpful.” He went on to name organisations he believes could pacify the situation.

His subsequent post emphasised the gravity of the matter, stating, “Our own comrades, brothers and sisters. No! This must end. Freedom for Western Sahara must come now! [It is an] urgent task. This diplomacy thing is not working. Let us be loud and clear!”

Source: Political Analysis South Africa

Tito Mboweni calls for intervention in Western Sahara

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