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Moroccan continuing assault against Sahrawi people has created “instability” in region

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The Moroccan assault which has continued since 1975 against the Sahrawi people has caused an “overall and lasting instability” throughout the region, Sahrawi Foreign Minister Mohamed Salem Ould Salek said on Tuesday.

In a statement to the press, Ould Salek indicated that “the Moroccan Kingdom which has crossed the limits, through its continuing assault since 1975 against the Sahrawi people, has created an overall and lasting instability in the whole region.”

Such instability has been accentuated by the flow of drugs by the Moroccan Kingdom, also involved in state terrorism against the Sahrawi people and in shameless coordination with terrorist groups in the Sahel region, he added.

Commenting the statements of the Moroccan Foreign Minister, reported by certain media and in which he affirmed that his country “respected the ceasefire and the political process”, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek indicated that “these statements confirm that the Moroccan Kingdom still recourse to disinformation and untruths.”

“Morocco which had accepted, in front of the world, the self-determination referendum by declaring dozens of times, that it would comply by the outcome, especially as its late King before had claimed that he would be the first to open an embassy in Western Sahara, if the referendum led to the option of independence, now renounces all its commitments signed under the aegis of the UN and the AU.”

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