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Moroccan occupation targets Sahrawi civilians with artillery shelling

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The Moroccan occupation army has launched a raid on unarmed Sahrawi civilians coming from the liberated Sahrawi territories, as confirmed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Security and Documentation, Sidi Oukal.

The Moroccan occupation army bombed with artillery unarmed Sahrawi civilians, who were using a civilian truck loaded with goods and foodstuffs coming from the liberated Sahrawi territories, geographically far from the separating sand wall that divides the territory of Western Sahara for more than 2,700 km, indicated Mr Oukal.

The Moroccan shelling targeted commercial truck and vehicle owned by civilians working in transporting people and goods between Mauritania and the liberated Sahrawi territories, the same source added.

Mr Oukal pointed out that it was not the first time that the Moroccan occupation targeted defenseless Sahrawi civilians who were seeking a livelihood, whether by transporting livestock, goods and water, through which it aimed to destroy property and lives, since the outbreak of war between Morocco and the Polisario Front, following Morocco’s breach on 13 November 2020 of the ceasefire agreement signed between the two parties to the conflict (Morocco / Polisario Front) in 1991.

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