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Morocco admits for the first time: Joining the Mine Ban Treaty will lead to dismantling the wall, allow Sahrawi army to win the battle

2 years ago at 27/Dec/2020 172

Morocco has officially informed the United Nations of its refusal to join the agreement banning the use, storage, production and transport of mines, a UN document revealed.

It seems from the document – Sumoud has obtained a copy of it – that Morocco is fearful of joining the aforementioned agreement, which means the beginning of dismantling the Moroccan wall, which contains millions of mines, thus clearing the way for the Sahrawi army to win the battle and liberate Western Sahara.

According to the same document, Morocco linked joining the international agreement to the settlement of the conflict in Western Sahara, referring that it was the wall that protected Morocco from attacks by the Sahrawi army.

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