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Morocco fails to induce European nations to legitimize occupation of Western Sahara

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Polisario Front representative in Paris, Mohamed Sidati,, said Saturday that Morocco “has experienced a spectacular failure in its attempt to incite European nations to legitimize the occupation of Western Sahara,” warning against Rabat’s political blackmail against the countries supporting the decolonization of the last colony in Africa.

In a statement to APS, Sidati said Morocco’s aggression against the Saharawi people and its shameless violation of the ceasefire is not “the only dangerous threat,” citing the extortion policy of Morocco against Spain and the European Union (EU).

Producing evidence in support of his arguments, the Saharawi official cited the diplomatic crisis between Rabat and Madrid, or the hostilities triggered since the arrival of President Ibrahim Ghali in Spain for treatment.

He added that Morocco is trying to put pressure on Spain by resorting to illegal migration, by facilitating the access of thousands of Moroccans to Ceuta.

On Monday, 8,000 illegal Moroccan migrants flocked to Ceuta from Morocco’s border, but Spanish authorities managed to send back 6,500 people, including 1600 minors.

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