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Morocco impedes Western Sahara resolution, attempts to impose fait accompli

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Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtan Lamamra, has stressed that Morocco is impeding international efforts to resolve the question of Western Sahara and attempting to impose a fait accompli, which is inconsistent with international law.

The head of the Algerian diplomacy emphasized in an interview with Russia Today channel that Morocco is the one who caused the instability in the region and the situation that is now open to the unknown, through its occupation of Western Sahara, rejection of the UN peace plan and unceasing work to bring together all the conditions so that the region does not move towards the desired solution.

Ramtane Lamamra highlighted that, instead of engaging in international efforts, Morocco is taking steps to impose a fait accompli that is incompatible with international law and does not meet the minimum conditions for peaceful coexistence among the countries of the region, including the brotherly Sahrawi people who has inalienable rights.

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