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Morocco is Spain main enemy, independent Sahrawi Republic is factor of stability in North African (Spanish newspaper)

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The Spanish newspaper “El Confidencial” said Monday that Morocco is not a friend of Spain, but rather its main enemy, and everyone should be convinced of this fact.

In an analytical article on Spanish-Moroccan relations, the Spanish newspaper asserted that Madrid bears a great responsibility regarding the issue of Western Sahara, as the Sahrawis should not have been left in 1975 facing Moroccan tanks and allow injustice to fall into oblivion, and the matter ends with a genocide of the Sahrawi people.

The Spanish newspaper stressed that Spain today more than ever needs a free and independent Sahrawi Republic, because of its importance in strengthening Spain’s role and spreading its culture in the Arab and Islamic world, as well as the contribution that the Sahrawi state will make to support the stability and security of the North African region.

The newspaper called on the Spanish government to urgently raise the Sahrawi issue in international forums and put pressure for the resumption of negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front, in view of ending the process of decolonization through a free and fair referendum through which the Sahrawi people would decide the future of the territory.

After stressing the importance of a national and international media campaign, in which the various United Nations resolutions on Western Sahara are discussed, as well as Morocco’s responsibility for the impasse in the Saharan issue, the newspaper called on the Spanish government to reconsider its alliances and foreign policy and cease its support to the Kingdom of Morocco.

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