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Morocco leads “blackmail” campaign against Spain to undermine Sahrawi cause

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Morocco is leading a campaign of provocation and blackmail against Spain to undermine the Sahrawi cause and push Madrid to rebel against international legitimacy, said on Wednesday the Polisario Front representative in Spain, Abdullah Arabi.

“The campaign led by Morocco against Spain which welcomed the Sahrawi president Brahim Ghali for treatment, is part of the policy of provocation which characterizes the bilateral relations between the two countries,” Abdullah Arabi added in a statement to APS.

Sahrawi President Brahim Ghali had been transferred to Spain for treatment after being contaminated with coronavirus. The Sahrawi presidency had affirmed that his health condition is not “worrying” and that he is recovering.

The Sahrawi diplomat further informed that, “the kingdom of Morocco takes every opportunity to undermine the Sahrawi cause which enjoys wide support in Spain,”

“Morocco is trying to take advantage of this situation to undermine the struggle of the Sahrawi people and their national symbols in particular”.

The Spanish government said it was committed to the settlement of Western Sahara conflict in accordance with international law.

Abdullah Arabi warned against the repercussions of Moroccan policy in the region which would lead to serious consequences, calling on the international community to intervene quickly to force Morocco to comply with international law and respect the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

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