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MPs call on Swedish government to play greater role in defending Sahrawi people’s rights

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Swedish members of parliament have called on their country’s government to play a greater role in international forums to defend the rights of the Sahrawi people and stand against Morocco’s colonial policy in Western Sahara.

In a proposal submitted to Parliament, the deputies stressed that the situation in Western Sahara has deteriorated significantly since the resumption of armed struggle in November 2020.

The deputies stressed that the Sahrawi people, both in the refugee camps and in the occupied territories, needs the support and solidarity of Sweden.

The proposal called on the Swedish Government to provide the necessary clarifications to companies and economic institutions to stop any investments with Morocco that might legitimize the continuing violations of the rights of the Saharan people.

Finally, the proposal called on the Swedish government to enforce the decisions of the European Court, including holding exclusive negotiations with the Polisario Front, the sole legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people when it comes to discussing economic agreements covering the natural resources of Western Sahara.

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