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National liberation war will continue as long as occupation persists (Sahrawi official)  

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Member of the National Secretariat of the Polisario Front, Minister in Charge of Political Affairs at the Presidency of the Republic, Mr. Al-Bashir Mustafa Al-Sayed, has emphasized that post the 13th of November is the beginning of the continuation of the national liberation war in order to end the Moroccan occupation, which is the point of no return before the end of the occupation and the liberation of the land, noting that the Polisario has provided all conditions for embracing the rising of the Sahrawi people and the ambition of volunteering among the young people who are eager to sacrifice for liberation.

The Sahrawi official said in an interview with the Sahrawi News Agency that the war of national liberation was resumed due to the illegal breach in Guerguerat, Morocco’s violation of the ceasefire agreement, and the disregard by the United Nation for all indications of the eruption of war, adding that the logic of the new war has all the reasons for success and is reinforced by previous experience in dealing with goodwill with peaceful international endeavors.

He stressed that the Polisario Front’s decision to end the ceasefire agreement signed with Morocco and return to armed struggle was not surprising and had already been preceded by indications and warnings to the UN body, including the decision of the recent Congress of the Polisario Front on not to engage in any political process that is not aimed at implementing the decisions of international legitimacy in Western Sahara, and turning a blind eye to the violations and procrastination of the Moroccan side by the UN Security Council.

In response to a question about who is responsible for the current situation, he said that Morocco, which violated the ceasefire agreement on November 13th in Guerguerat, is responsible, as well as the United Nations, which did not take the indications of the situation seriously, did not comply with the implementation of its settlement plan, and did not implement the decisions and resolutions of international legitimacy.

Regarding the prospects for the UN peace process, he underlined that the doors remain open to the initiatives of a peaceful solution, but according to the new logic of the Sahrawi party, which is based on the principle of engaging in any peace initiative in parallel with the continuation of the liberation war, stressing that there is one condition for truce, which is the departure of the Moroccan occupation.

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