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NATO withdraws Morocco map including Western Sahara territory

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The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on Tuesday withdrew from an article on the Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP), a geographical map of Morocco including occupied Western Sahara, defeating Morocco’s expansionist claims.

The NATO replaced the old map with a new one that clearly identifies the internationally recognized borders between Western Sahara and Morocco.

The Moroccan press and its relays have widely disseminated, in recent days, information according to which NATO has “recognized the Moroccan sovereignty of Western Sahara,… using the complete map of Morocco”.

Moroccan websites claimed that after the White House, it was the turn of the Atlantic alliance to recognize “the sovereignty “of Morocco over this occupied territory.

The map has been published to illustrate an article entitled “Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP)”, which has been decontextualized by Moroccan media.

The NATO has never published a press release on “the Moroccan character of Western Sahara” or on “the use of the Morocco map”, nor on its website, neither through its spokesperson nor even through its North Atlantic Council.

Indeed, the Moroccan disinformation action has knowingly ignored NATO’s mapping, published on its official website and the map published in the annual report of the Organization’s Secretary General in 2019, page 20, in which Western Sahara is clearly distinct from the Moroccan territory.

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