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One year since resumption of armed struggle in Western Sahara: 2,078 military operations targeting 103 regions

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Within a year, the Sahrawi People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was able to carry out at least 2,078 military operations covering more than 103 regions in Western Sahara along the Moroccan military defensive wall.

During a year of armed struggle, the Sahrawi army focused on bombardments involving all the military sectors of the Moroccan army (Twizki, Mahbas, Farsiya, Hawza, Smara, Amgala, Al Bakari, Awsard, Teshela, Al Kalta, Um Adrega, Al Guerguerat) scattered along the 2,700 km Moroccan wall.

In an outcome prepared by the studies department of Sumoud, on the occasion of the first anniversary of the resumption of the armed struggle, the military operations were distributed as follows: Mahbas: 552, Hawza: 265, Amgala: 121, Ajdiriya: 80, Smara: 85, Farsiya: 188, Twizki: 10, Al-Bakari: 251, Um Adrega: 165, Al-Kalta: 145, Awsard: 136, Al Guerguerat: 60, Teshela: 20.

The Sahrawi army was also able to carry out qualitative operations that reached deep into Moroccan territory with minimal losses, while the Moroccan army incurred heavy losses in lives and equipment.

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