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Organisation of EUCOCO in Germany has profound significance

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Sahrawi Prime Minister Bouchraya Hammoudi Bayoun said Tuesday that the decision to hold the 46th session of the Conference of Support and Solidarity with the Sahrawi People (Eucoco) next year in Germany, carries a deep meaning in that it is a strong state within the European Union (EU) that will have a say on the Sahrawi cause.

In a statement to APS, Mr. Hammoudi Bayoun said that it was decided to hold the next edition of EUCOCO in Germany, which will have a positive impact on the Sahrawi issue “insofar as the nations orbiting Germany would follow its approach, especially since Germany has its weight within the EU, and subsequently its hosting of the international conference is very important.

He recalled that Germany is hosting this conference for the first time, which was previously held in Spain, France, Portugal and Austria.

On the importance of the edition that was held in the Canary Islands, Spain, on December 10 and 11, Mr. Bayoun said that “the selection of the Canary Islands, which hosted the 45th edition, carries a very strong message, especially as it is the closest European point to Western Sahara, only 100 km away from it,” adding that “it is a political message addressed to European politicians and even Moroccan politicians, that the international and European movement has decided to continue its solidarity and support for the Sahrawi people.”

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